This page shows John Lennon style eyeglasses & spectacle frames. These frames also make super sunglasses.

Contrary to popular myth John Lennon wore more than one style of spectacles. He is certainly best known for popularising the metal British National Health Service (NHS) style frames that at the time were manufactured by several companies. The design and the rolled gold (also sometimes termed ?gold filled?) material was approved by an NHS committee. These frames were subsidised by the tax payer. Many archive photos show him wearing the NHS 422CJ (pantoscopic shape) with centre positioned joints as shown in the NHS range photo below. Some photos of Lennon also show him with a perfect round eye shape with a "W" bridge and some with pads bridge. He also had some plastic sunglasses and one particularly striking one was yellow mustard in colour -see bottom pics. You are welcome to email us a photo of him wearing a particular frame and we can confirm whether we are able to supply you with a similar one. This page shows Lennon style glasses we are still able to supply in gold or (silver) rhodium finish. They are all available in various sizes and with curl or hockey sides. The gold rims can also be covered with acetate zylo available in several different colours. Please note that we do not manufacture these frames but carry a substantial stock of them.