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A Spectacle Frame Maker Should Be able to:

Copy any shaped frame accurately 

Make a modified version  of your frame or any stock frame in its inventory. Whether it be a change in shape, size, total width, side lengths or general profile.

Offer you the same frame in different thickness so as to suit higher prescriptions.

Offer you the same frame in different comfortable bridge fittings for all nose shapes. European, Oriental, Afro-Caribbean etc.

Offer you any sides,in length and shape.

Offer you choices of rivet, trims, pins, concealed, sunken hinges on fronts and sides. 

Offer you a variety of traditional and contemporary colours 

Make you a line drawing of your chosen frame/ideas if required

Make you a mock if required 

And lots more! 

So Ask Your Spectacle Makers If They Can do the above

We can